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Pool Accessories

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At Rheem, we have the products and expertise to support every aspect of a pool heating system. That skill extends well beyond pool and spa heating equipment and also covers the accessories and products that are necessary to support a pool installation.

Here are just some of the accessories we stock that can ensure your pool heating solution is fit for purpose:

Remote Controller

Imagine this – it’s a cold winter’s morning and you need to turn on your spa heater so that it has time to warm up before you use it. Without a remote control, this means going out to your spa heater and turning it on manually.

With a remote controller, on the other hand, you can review the temperature and adjust as necessary without leaving your house.

Our remote controllers come with a range of different options, with the opportunity to install a solution that is either flush mounted or surface mounted against a wall. These control panels can be installed either inside or outside, giving further versatility to these systems.

As well as this versatility, our remote controllers have easy to use push button controls which make it easy to adjust the temperature and allow you to establish separate temperature settings for both a pool and a spa.

Flow Switch Kits

Depending on where your heater is located, it may be necessary to also install a flow switch kit in order to keep your pool operating safely.

When the heater is positioned more than a metre above or a metre below the surface of the pool, it may put extra strain on the heating unit’s pressure switch. In these conditions, the pool heater may not work properly, putting it at risk of failure.

In this situation, a flow switch is ideally suited to operate as a back-up safety system that will protect your pool heater from damage and save you from major repair costs in the future.

Dilution Fans

In some situations, it may not be possible to naturally control the venting of flue gas from a pool heating installation. There are many reasons for this – the location of the flue may make it unsafe for people nearby or there may be issues with very high or variable wind speeds. At other times, the natural flueing of the heater may be visually unappealing, requiring a rethink of this important aspect of a pool’s ventilation.

For flues that are facing these challenges, one of the best options is to invest in a dilution fan, also commonly referred to as a power flue. These systems will work for both indoor and outdoor installations, providing a safe solution for the distribution of flue gas.

At Rheem Thermal, we offer a standard 6mVA fan that is ideal for our pool heaters – including the standard domestic range and the premium line of heaters. We also have the expertise to provide larger dilution fans upon request.

High Wind Top Kits

For areas experiencing high wind speeds, it is also possible to install a high wind top in order to better support the flueing of the heater. This will ensure that, even when wind speeds pick up, the heating unit is still able to operate smoothly.

Our High wind tops are available for all of our models, with the exception of the Spartan 131, Premium 217 and 167.

Indoor Hood Kits

All of our pool heating systems are designed as standard to meet the needs of an outdoor installation. However, in the event the installation location is indoors, we can also supply an indoor flue kit.

Using this kit converts our standard outdoor model to an indoor one – a change that is essential for these installations to remain safe and compliant.

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