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Mechanical Heating

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The name Rheem is clearly synonymous with water heating. Rheem is a global brand and would be known best for gas storage and continuous flow hot water heaters for residential needs.

But Rheem has a very strong commercial focus and this includes providing potable hot water solutions for both gas, heat pump and solar technologies. These core Rheem products are handled by the Commercial Sales team at Rheem and design advice can be requested via the Customer Enquiry Form available at www.rheem.com.au.

Our role is providing specialty advice for the non-standard type application involving other than potable water (which may be considered as tap water or water suitable for drinking).

One of the key uses of water in business is for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). We refer to this segment as the mechanical heating market.

In this field, both hot and cold water is used to provide thermal comfort and we have product to meet both requirements.

Our Raypak closed loop gas heaters can be used to provide high temperature hot water up to 80°C for use to secondary heat exchangers or fan coils. Likewise, our Accent heat pumps can be designed for either direct connection or closed loop connection for a leaving water temperature typically at 60°C-61°C but up to 65°C in specialty application with custom design.

The Accent unit can also be manufactured for either reverse cycle operation (providing heating or cooling) or as a chiller only.

Our capacity range is extensive with gas heaters up to 4,224MJ input (900kW) and the largest air-to-water Accent heat pump providing a massive 333kW nominal output.

Our specialty and our drive is to assist business find technology solutions to difficult questions in water heating and cooling, whilst achieving the highest possible efficiency of outcome and reliability of equipment.

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