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    Rheem Thermal Heat & Cool Heat Pumps

    Elite sports facilities have unique pool heating requirements – considerations that are far more complex than pools designed for leisure or casual exercise. At the elite level, facility requirements are far stricter, meaning you need to have the best advice on hand.

    We have an unmatched track record in elite sporting facilities around the world. Our expertise has enabled us to support top sporting events like the Commonwealth Games, Pan Pacs, Pacific Games and Asian Games. Virtually all of Australia’s leading stadiums include Accent heaters or chillers including such iconic venues such as the Sydney Cricket Ground, Ballymore Stadium, Adelaide Oval and Canberra Stadium as well as leading sports such as AFL and Cricket Australia.

    This track record means we can assist with any size of facility, with a range of products and specialised advice to support your next project.

    Our track record in elite sports is your ticket to success

    At Rheem Thermal Systems Group, we can help any elite sporting facility to implement a water temperature control solution which truly meets the needs of users while providing the energy efficiency now essential for the operator. As well as bringing a wealth of expertise to these projects, we can also offer an unmatched range of pool heating and cooling options and innovation in design and operation.

    This specialisation is your best guarantee that we can provide the right solution for your needs. Having a team on hand that already have such a strong track record working in this sector is therefore a strong indication that your project will be a success.

    What are the advantages of working with Rheem Thermal?

    With a track record of bespoke projects throughout the Asia-Pacific region, not to mention some of the biggest sporting events on the planet, we can satisfy your requirement for efficient temperature control.

    Gaining an insight into even just a few of these projects is possibly the best way to illustrate our capabilities and demonstrate how we can achieve a successful and innovative solution to your needs:

    Competition Pool Heating and Cooling

    During both the Asian Games in Bangkok and most recently in July 2015 for the Pacific Games in Port Moresby, Rheem Thermal reverse cycle heat pumps have worked to cool 50m pools within the temperature band needed to meet FINA guidelines for international competition.

    Ice baths for elite athlete recovery

    For elite runners and nearly all professional rugby and football players, ice baths are now a standard part of their recovery routine and iconic stadiums such as the Sydney Cricket Ground and multiple AFL training facilities now include Rheem Thermal plant. Rheem Thermal specialises in ice bath chillers for larger multi-person facilities, typically between 6,000 to 8,000 litres for temperatures between 8°C to 12°C. These units can be of air-to-water type or water-to-water type and likewise, can be designed as chillers only or as reverse cycle units capable of both heating and cooling.  

    Chilled water for the racing industry

    The world of sports science does not limit itself to humans only and Rheem Thermal cooling systems provide chilled water for the horse racing industry, with feature installations as far away as the UAE.

    Plunge-pool heating and cooling

    The use of alternate cool and hot water immersion is also seen as beneficial to athlete recovery. As a variant to its ice-bath chiller, the Rheem Thermal plunge-pool unit provides simultaneous chilling and heating of separate bath with the most long-standing example of this innovative and highly energy efficient approach is the Australian Institute of Sport.

    The Rheem Thermal plunge-pool unit is a highly energy efficiency approach and sees the primary load of the hot bath meet by heat recovery from the chilled circuit. Such a system is also one of the showpiece components of the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, site for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Designed by Stevenson + Associates, the system is believed to be a first in Australia, if not the world.  It has been created so the tubs don’t need their own water treatment plant, but rather utilise the huge capacity of the adjacent diving pool water to keep them crystal clean with fresh water on a daily basis.

    Advanced Controls and Design Options

    The Gold Coast Aquatic Centre project is not only a showpiece in terms of the capacity of the system installed (1900kW heating nearly nine million litres) but also in showcasing the flexibility in design offered by Rheem Thermal. The entire system was custom-designed to various site requirements and these included anti-corrosion treatment of the evaporators, powder coating of the marine grade aluminium case in a champagne colour to allow them to blend in with the enclosure designs, low noise fans and modification of the structural frames to allow the integration of acoustic louvres,

    International Reach and Support

    Helping our clients achieve successful outcomes is central to what motivates us and has kept us at the forefront in partnership with elite sports in Australia and internationally for decades. We have a strong export focus and are happy to provide product training and plant commissioning internationally.

    To learn more about how Rheem Thermal can assist with the development of an elite sporting facility, contact us today. From there, we will be able to advise on the specific requirements that your project will call for and take the first steps towards designing a system for your professional sporting venue.

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