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Residential Solutions

Rheem Thermal’s range of pool heating equipment is designed to meet the needs of anyone looking to install a new pool heating system.

Commercial Solutions

Commercial pool heating comes with a unique range of challenges that Rheem Thermal is very familiar with. That’s why we have a full range to suit these needs.


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What are the different types of swimming pool heater?
Which type of pool heating is right for me?
How are heat pumps rated?
What is a heat pump COP?
Which size pool heater do I need?
Can I cool my pool?
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At Rheem Thermal, we do things a little differently

When we offer a client a solution, they can be sure they are receiving the best pool heating solution for their needs. We take the time to really understand your requirements, from the smallest residential pool to a major commercial installations….Read more

Local solutions for local needs

At Rheem Thermal, we understand Australia’s diverse climate and how this underpins the pool heating requirements of every client we work with. A public pool heating system in Melbourne will face a completely different installation requirement to a residential pool heating solution on the Gold Coast…Read more

Quality advice that makes the difference

Rheem Thermal aren’t just another pool heating company. Our expertise and advice will ensure you get the right product for your needs – one that is specifically tailored to your location and requirements, and which is backed by our years of excellence within the industry…Read more


Pool Heating

Rheem Thermal is a specialist in pool heating with over 60 years experience as a manufacturer of both gas and heat pump pool & spa heaters.

Hot Water Heaters

Our expertise doesn’t stop at pool heating, at Rheem Thermal we can also provide hot water heat pump and gas heater solutions that match the needs of any organisation.

Mechanical Heating

We have the specialist expertise to provide mechanical heating solutions to match the needs of any organisation.


Specialty Applications

Rheem Thermal can offer a range of expertise to help with specialty applications like aquaculture and elite sports facilities.


Think the only thing heat pumps can do is heat? Think again because Rheem’s range can be modified to provide heating, cooling or both.