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Pool Heating

Picture this – you wake up in the morning and step outside to take a dip in your pool. The only problem? It’s winter, and your pool is stuck at a bone-chilling temperature all day long. While the hardy few won’t be put off by a freezing dip, most of us will head back inside for a cup of coffee instead.

Even with Australia’s great climate, most people don’t get enough use out of their swimming pool. An unheated pool might be usable for only four to six months of the year but, for a big chunk of the time, it is just left out in the cold.

Of course, it isn’t just through the winter months that an unheated pool can be left unusable. In summer too, your pool can reach surprisingly low temperatures. A particularly cold night or patch of poor weather can chill your pool to an uncomfortable level, making it much less enticing.

So what’s the answer?

For anyone who wants to get more use out of their pool, investing in a pool heating system from Rheem is the best choice. Whether you want your pool heated all year round, or just want to extend the number of months you can use your pool either side of summer, installing a swimming pool heater can give you that versatility.

Just think how much more use you could get out of your pool if it was heated to a pleasant temperature all year round. Suddenly those mid-winter dips would actually be an enjoyable experience, rather than giving you the chance of catching hypothermia.

What’s more, while your friends and relatives are planning tropical holidays to sit be the poolside, you can stay in the comfort of your own home, with a heated pool on hand whenever you feel like a dip.

Speaking of friends, the benefits of a heated swimming pool go well beyond keeping your own family toasty. With a pleasant temperature all year round, it won’t be long before word gets around that your pool is the place to be.

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